Seawater is concentrated with salt and minerals, and hence, is unfit to use. Desalination is the process of removal of salt and minerals from water, making it fit for reuse in domestic and industrial sectors. It produces processed water, ultrapure or potable water, used especially in areas with lack of freshwater resources.

This is accomplished through using membranes (reverse osmosis and nanofiltration) and thermal processes (multi effect distillation, evaporation and crystallization).

The most common method of water desalination is desalination by reverse osmosis (RO).

We, at WSCO provide services for Seawater Desalination through seawater reverse osmosis systems all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

At WSCO, we use WEST desalination plants, which are also used by companies and municipalities across Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. They are tailored to treat seawaterand brackish water effectively.

Membrane desalination processes are typically applied to treat water with a lower dissolved salt content, as they are less energy intensive than equivalent thermal processes. Recent improvements in energy recovery systems have increased performance of membranes and pre-treatment processes. In addition, high efficiency process designs have led to a reduction in energy consumption, while still maintaining a high product water quality.

We can customize our plant for you, and specialize in all water treatment processes.

Thermal Desalination processes use evaporation and condensation, applying energy, to rid seawater from salts and minerals. It is viable when a lot of energy and electricity is available, like in industries. This method has been used for a long time, and utilizes different distillation processes to do the same.

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