The overall Health and Safety Protection Policy of Water Secret Contracting Company aims to prevent injury and loss of life of the staff and all members of the water treatment industry, while delivering the highest quality services and equipment.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives of the Policy, the Company shall endeavor to:

  • Prevent all injury and loss of life through all water treatment processes – design, procurement, building, and maintenance
  • Assess all identifiable risks and threats during these processes
  • Continuously improve safety management skills of members working on construction and maintenance of water treatment systems
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory rules and regulations;
  • Ensure adherence, at all times, to the documented operating procedures by a system of internal verification of procedures and activities;
  • Maintain a drug free working environment;
  • Ensure that no seafarer will navigate a ship or operate its onboard equipment whilst impaired by drugs or alcohol;
  • Provide adequate resources for attaining the goals;
  • Actively encourage personnel participation in the implementation of the Policy;
  • Provide services that meet or exceed applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Provide appropriate working environment and accommodation conditions to all seafarers serving onboard;
  • Safeguard the well-being and good health of all seafarers serving onboard;
  • Continuously improve safety management skills and promote safety culture of all personnel ashore and aboard ships;
  • Identify the different safety needs of  all staff and provide appropriate training

For accomplishing the aforementioned objectives, the Company has developed and established a Safety Management System.

WSCO’s Health and Safety Protection Policy and its Safety Management System will be implemented, maintained and communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf of the company.

ISO Certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Management System