A package wastewater treatment plant, also known as a mobile or containerised plant, is a self-contained treatment system for sewage and wastewater.These containerized plants do not require extra tanks for sludge storage, extra settlement, etc. Packaged wastewater plants are usually used in rural areas, trailer parks, and highway rest stops – basically, places that don’t have to cater to a large population.

Packaged wastewater treatment can also be done through other technologies, like MBBR, SBR, and MBR. This reduces the carbon footprint, and the treated wastewater is disinfected with chlorine. There is a dechlorination unit that then removes the chlorine. Chlorination and dechlorination units can beultraviolet forms of disinfection. Eventually, this water is diluted sufficiently, and then discharged into a stream to safely assimilate the remaining pollutants without much harm to the environment.

Mobile wastewater treatment plants have benefits not only in terms of building, but also maintenance. They are portable even after being assembled, so you can move them around to different locations. Along with this, they can be placed either above, or partially below the ground without a concrete surround, and require close to maintenance and spare parts, making them convenient to use long-term, as well.

Our expert engineers can design package wastewater treatment systems for you, customized to your requirements. This can be done for all locations, types of wastewater, and different technologies. Our expert engineers can design mobile wastewater treatment plants and portable wastewater treatment plants systems for you, customized to your requirements. Our services for both mobile and portable wastewater treatment plants are provided all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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