The world today is more prone to unexpected storms, than it was in the past. They are more frequent and intense, and they contain pollutants and harmful chemicals. If stormwater runoff is not controlled, it can lead to sewer flooding because of impervious surfaces, like concrete and tar. Needless to say, this can cause breeding of mosquitoes and other problems.

Stormwater technology includes flow control for stormwater runoff, and infiltrate and store stormwater. The stormwater treatment products, on the other hand,catch stormwater with pollutants, while retaining it, in order to prevent it from reaching the environment and affecting the balance of different ecosystems.

Our company uses stormwater products from Hydro International – the leading company for stormwater treatment equipment. WSCO is the official representative of Hydro International.

We provide services using storm water products from Hydro International. Our services are provided all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Hydro International products:

Control the flow of storm and surface water, deliver effective water management projects and cut the risk of flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Hydro-Brake® Optimum 

A vortex flow control device custom-engineered to provide site-specific water management for surface, foul and combined water across a wide range of flows and for a variety of applications.

Hydro-Brake® Flood 

A hydrodynamic flow control system providing large-scale protection at the watercourse level to prevent costly damage and disruption to residents, businesses and essential services.

Hydro-Brake® Agile

A float-activated flow control providing constant discharge, cutting on-site storage to a minimum while matching the carrying capacity of downstream infrastructure.

Hydro-Brake® Orifice

A low-cost, low-complexity flow control for surface, foul or combined water at sites with generous discharge consents and low storage constraints.

FLOW CONTROL AND FLOOD PROTECTION – We provide services for flow control and flood protection all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Manage runoff and capture stormwater pollutants to comply with regulations and reduce damage to the environment.


Hydrodynamic separators use vortex forces to separate pollutants from surface water runoff, settling out total suspended solids (TSS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and solid-bound heavy metals and nutrients, while oils and floatables are captured at the surface.

Downstream Defender®

An advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator that provides impressive and reliable removals of sediments, oil and floatables from stormwater runoff.

First Defense®

A versatile separator that works with single and multiple inlet pipes and inlet grates.


Filters use the physical and chemical properties of custom filtration media to capture a wide range of pollutants from surface water runoff.

Up-Flo® Filter

An advanced stormwater treatment system that combines sedimentation and screening with filtration to capture sediment, oils, heavy metals and nutrients from surface water runoff, achieving TSS removal rates of up to 98%.

Hydro BioFilterTM

A biofiltration system that uses soil and filter media to treat an assortment of coarse, fine and dissolved pollutants from surface runoff, even during high flows.

STORM WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS – We use storm water treatment products from Hydro International and provide services all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Modular storage blocks provide below-ground storage and attenuation for stormwater and surface water runoff, increasing drainage capacity and allowing managed infiltration of water back into the environment.

Stormbloc® Optimum

A modular geocellular structure that provides effective below-ground storage and infiltration of stormwater and surface water. Units are lightweight, quick to install and “nest” to save space, time and money.


A modular geocellular structure that provides below-ground storage and infiltration of stormwater and surface water, with built-in inspection channel for ease of maintenance.


A high-capacity, low-maintenance modular stormwater and surface water storage system that suits shallow, deep or irregular sites.

STORAGE – We provide services related to using modular storage blocks that provide attenuation for storm water and below ground storage. These services are made available all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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