Industrial wastewater is that which is generated as a by-product from process unit operations. It consists of hazardous substances that can often have harmful effects on human, animal, plant, aquatic, and microbial life.

WSCO helps industries to meet the standard for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants, avoid hefty penalties, and cut expenditure by reducing the cost of usage of fresh/potable water. Moreover, it makes the wastewater fit to reuse, hence reducing the burden on our limited freshwater resources.

Many industries release toxic wastewater that needs to be treated. We can customize our water treatment plan for different industries and water toxicity levels, some of which are explained below:

Whether the pollutants in wastewater are Suspended Solids, Colloidal Solids, Organic and Inorganic Salts, Organic Compounds,Oil and grease, heavy metal, or there is an issue with colour or pH, WSCO can help the you identify the best Industrial Waste water treatment process to be implemented. This can depend on various factors, and we are her to customize solutions for you, no matter your needs.

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