The process of water disinfection uses chemical methods to eliminate organic and biological waste, like bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. Depending on the type of waste, the use of the water, and the resources available, the nature of disinfection can be antiseptic, and eliminate the microbiological substances by destroying them, or otherwise.

At WSCO, we provide water disinfection solutions through UV disinfection water filtration systems. Our services are available all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Water disinfection can be used for the following types of water and water treatment:

Water disinfection is popularly done through 3 methods, all of which we can provide, and have proficiency in:

Ultraviolet Treatment

Ozone Treatment

Chlorine Disinfection

Water Treatment & Purification other sevrices

Brackish Water RO

Seawater Desalination

Other Water Solutions