HABA Compactor

HABA Group’s high-quality waste compactors offer efficient and economical waste disposal solutions even in more demanding conditions. HABA waste compactors have strong motors and practical design, and in addition, they are easy to use. This makes them an excellent choice in locations that produce large amounts of waste.

  • Combi compactors
  • Detached compactors
  • Pendulum compactors
  • Stationary screw compactor
  • Solar press compactor

HABA Underground Waste System

HABA MEGA waste compactor provides the best solution — MEGA is a space-saving and stylish system for all locations in which environment poses challenges to the designer. HABA MEGA waste system has only a small bin on the ground. Instead the assembly underground consist of two units

  • HABA MEGA – underground waste compactor
  • HABA MEGA S – underground waste compactor
  • HABA ECOLIFT – underground waste bins