Unfavorable ground conditions, thinly-populated areas, but also water protection areas – Roediger vacuum sewage provides the ideal solution, whenever sewage water needs to be collected in difficult circumstances. This, because closed and continually-monitored vacuum drainage systems can be installed quickly, flexibly and relatively easily.

Our vacuum technology enables us to ensure vacuum collection, sanitary and drainage systems along with other forward-looking drain repair projects. We provide roediger vacuum sanitation systems services all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

There are also many forward-looking drain repair projects which utilize our vacuum technology.

Significant advantages of Roediger® vacuum sewer systems:

Roediger Vacuum Sanitation System

Whoever wishes to save water, and yet still enjoy cleanliness and comfort, chooses Roediger vacuum sanitation technology. The systems are particularly economical regarding the saving of water and, besides being flexible to operate, are also relatively maintenance-free, these are the advantages which are of relevance for high buildings and for modern architecture. Shipyards also set great stores by this technology, by means of which drain water is efficiently collected and the consumption of freshwater is massively reduced. How can we be so sure that our technology is so safe? As it is even used in the collection of radioactive sewage water in hospitals, you can be assured of its safety. We provide Roediger vacuum sanitation technology that ensures its collection, drainage and sanitary system services all across Africa and Saudi Arabia.

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